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Crack Percussion Studio V3 05 12




. 24/08/05. ActiveRhythm ActiveRhythm is the virtual percussion software for the performance of percussive rhythms and scores. This new software of rhythm, noise, and dynamic instruments lets you perform and compose traditional and electronic music easily. ActiveRhythm has 14 dynamic instruments that sound incredible, and many different effects and articulations. *** This is a VIRTUAL Percussion software - you don't have to own any instruments! Features: - 14 unique instruments - 12 to 20 drum instruments with 2 attack samples and 4 articulations (anvil, closed, open, open slash) - 4 to 7 note instruments with 2 attack samples and 3 articulations (anvil, closed, open, open slash) - Drum Kits with 7 to 14 samples - Voice (bell, bass, cello, flute, guitar, harp, horn, kazoo, xylophone, violin, voice, xylorimba, tambourine, and wind instruments) - 3 dynamic instruments with dynamics and articulations (applied to all drum instruments) - 12 percussion instruments with 10 effects - 16 articulations (anvil, closed, open, open slash) - MIDI Tempo Slider - MIDI In & Out - Sample Editor - Timbre Editor - 16 real sounds with 8 articulations, 4 of which are sampled and 16 sampled plus 16 pitch-bend articulations (anvil, closed, open, open slash, unison/dual, octave, major, minor, major/minor 7, trillo, perfect 5, perfect 3, fourths, major/minor 3, quint, quint, minor 3) - 16 articulations with dynamic and volumes (closed, open, open slash) - Instrument Shuffle: create a sequence of drums or percussion instruments - Instrument Timeline: if you want to use a single instrument in several different places, you can also display them sequentially in a timeline - Pitch bend automation: you can apply one of the 16 articulations in relation to the pitch - Adjustable velocity for articulations and MIDI notes - Pattern editor - Automatic tuning of the drums - Accompaniment editor (MIDI only) - Articulations filter: apply only the articulations you like



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Crack Percussion Studio V3 05 12

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